Hello, call me Shay!

Welcome to my blog! 

I want to start by saying thanks for being here. I created this space as a hobby and now it's full fledged turned into my passion. As to what comes of it I have no idea BUT I am so excited to be sharing my life with anyone who wants to be a part of it. So thank you for reading along.

My mission is to inspire people to live their most authentic and true self. It sounds so simple to live your truth, but not enough of us do. I wasn't for a long time and that's where my journey begins. My life got to a point where I just didn't like who I was becoming and I had two choices - play victim to the life I had or make a change. I decided to make a change and go to therapy, I decided to live differently, I decided to be more positive and surrender to the world around me and choose pure bliss in this life of mine.  

My journey and growing up process feels like it's just barely beginning. I plan to always be both the student and teacher as I get older, and as cheesy as the quote may be it's truly never to late to become who you want or do what you want. It's so liberating to live in your truth and not by what society or other people think you should be living because it's "normal" but learning to break that brain cycle is not easy. Letting go is not easy but sometimes you have to and you'd be amazed what comes your way instead. 

I believe we all have a path on this earth and that we are in it together, but somehow we've lost that vision, the love, and the community as a whole. I created this space for myself just as much as I did for you all to be a part of. I want to create light in this world and I want to help others through what I have learned and will learn as I continue living my life. 

I want to show you that life is simple so let's stop making it complicated and trust that what is meant to be will be. 

So let's grow together loves?