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It's beginning to feel like fall, and life as of late

It's beginning to feel like fall, and life as of late

You guys if you're reading along with my blog just as a supportive friend or whatever I am so sorry I have failed at posting. When I saw the last time I did anything was in August I was quite disappointed in myself because I thought I had in September. I started this thing just for fun and as a creative outlet, so I promise to be better. SOOO much has happened in the last couple months! I can't fit all in one post but with the new month I promised myself I would do a major update and post at least once a week. So stay tuned, I  have some fun stuff to share. 

You can expect:

1. I can hear the bells.... No jk but I did attend two wonderful weddings so expect to see my recap 

2. I went to Maui, Hawaii! OMG it was ahhhmazing and a much needed vacay 

3. I started a new job, sort of.... haha i'll explain more in the next few weeks because I want to share it with you all

Anyways, now that the weather is getting chillier I am so excited to pull out my layers. Scarves and boots are for sure my jam! Summer is cool (no pun intended) but I love my fall/winter attire so much more. The leaves are all falling and i'm just loving being a little basic and taking photos with them LOL esp. my cover photo. BUT let's be honest who doesn't love a cute fall photo?! The leaves are just gorgeous and I love how crisp the air feels. 

Life right now has been treating me wonderfully, no complaints. Ever since we got back from Hawaii I have felt a lot more relaxed and at ease with everything. It's been a blessing because crazy holiday season is coming up, and I love my job, but retail is not the business this time of year. I have made it my goal to get back on track with eating clean again and not letting my 21 DSD diet have gone to waste, I am participating in my Barre studio challenge and half way through 20 classes in 30 day (YAY), and just enjoying the season. To be totally honest I realized on my vacation that I really needed to work on my me time and quality time with the people in my life. September was a little rough on me for many reasons and I was beginning to feel very out of touch with my life. So I had to hit a reset button. My best piece of advice for anyone else who feels that way is just to take a moment to stop, breathe, write it out, and then tackle one thing at a time. Sometimes if you're like me you might need a gentle reminder to go out and be social even if you are tired. Laughter is the best medicine and friends are like little angels to help you enjoy life. 

I don't want to dive to deep to things  now, because I promise to share more with you guys soon. Just wanted to say hiii again from the blog. I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday and enjoying the fall weather wherever you are! :)


Maui part 1

Maui part 1

Diets are a major trend right now. This is my experience with the 21 day sugar detox take 2